Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mr. H's birthday

I meant to post this earlier but I wasn't feeling too good. (That'll be for another post) Mr. H had his birthday last Sunday. This year I baked him a chocolate moist cake (not that I always bake cakes for his birthdays. :P ).

I just got him a cute little notebook this year which I told him to make into a gratitude journal. I know that many of us are grateful for the things we have but I feel good when I write down in my own gratitude journal. This is because when ever I feel down, I would read my old entries or try to write down something I'm grateful for for that particular day, even though I started out feeling down, by the end I would feel all grateful, happy and positive about life.  So I wanted to share that with him hence the choice for a birthday gift.

Other than that he got a vintage Swiss mechanical watch from his mom (it was his grandpa's actually).  I got lucky too because she gave me a German made fountain pen that belonged to her father too. I like fountain pens (I usually use fountain pens to write down my thoughts in my journal - just a little effort to remember the good old days when there were no computers and keyboards. I wish my cursive are a bit better looking though, but hey I tried :) )

He said he loved what he received that day. :)

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