Friday, January 25, 2013

This week

People are falling sick quite often these days. This week about half of the kids in our group were absent. Even I missed work for 4 days. Fever, stomach ache and body ache. I was in bed for 3 days. I was watching videos on youtube or  Korean drama when I was awake though most of the time I would be sleeping.  On the 4th day I was a little better but still not feeling 100% OK. But I went to work anyways today. Luckily we only had few kids and my colleagues were nice enough to let me stay indoors when they went outside today.

Bonnie is away at grandma at the moment for winter break. We were supposed to send them to Balaton but the heavy snow on Friday prevented us. She too got sick but only today. Hopefully she gets better soon.  

When I went to work I noticed they added somethings new  which I didn't notice earlier in the library (teachers sometimes hang out there at break time) - new shelves for the books, installed a new pc for the smartboard (every group needs to use it to show the kids some programs or activities at least once a week), new speakers . However, luckily, no new kids for our group. (^^) 

 Thanks to the flu/fever my week went by pretty swiftly. I wonder how next week is going to be.

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