Friday, February 22, 2013


 Now that Bonnie is a little bigger I have decided to work extra. I do babysitting too. After work and sometimes in the weekends. The work is not difficult, in fact sometimes enjoyable, and the money is good.

I am lucky I think that the parents I babysit for are really nice people. Sometimes I didn't feel like I was working while I enjoyed myself with the kids or just put them to bed in the evening and read my book while I wait for them to be back home.

This month I think I made quite a bit of money from babysitting alone. :) So for my parents in law who had been helping us care for Bonnie when she was ill I'm thinking of getting one of those large dog beds for their dog at the weekend house. That is one idea. Another idea is that, perhaps I would take them out for dinner or something. :)

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