Monday, February 11, 2013

Good bye Gergo.

Gergo died on Thursday night. Mr. H found him early Friday morning. Bonnie and I were unaware so Mr. H just left him where he was and waited for us to come back home. We buried him in the garden. Poor Gergo. :( I can just hope that we had taken good care of him while he was alive. I think it was around this time of the year that I brought both he and Peti home 2 years ago. He was quite old I guess for a hamster. Peti is still alive, so the sadness is not too bad. Though we are not too sure for how long Peti will be with us. Hamsters only live 2-3 years. Hopefully he will live way longer. Gergo was not too healthy compared to Peti, he was the one who had a growth in his ear and we had to go to a vet. Not too sure whether we'd get new ones after this. But who knows.

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