Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movie night

Since BZ is with grandma it is special movie night for mommy and daddy. :) It's the only time we can watch movies that isn't for her eyes. Tonight we're watching "Coraline".

Once we allowed BZ to watch it with us for a few minutes but when it comes to the part where "the other mother" shows up , we decided that it was a little too creepy for her. So we ended up keeping it on the "movies to watch later list". The other day BZ just came up to me and said, "Mommy, I think I'm big enough to watch "the other mother" movie". So I gave a short summary of who is this "other mother" and what she does to little children, and BZ changed her mind. LOL However that conversation made me feel like watching the movie again. :)

 Thank Goodness it is still Saturday and we still have Sunday. Cause I'm too lazy to work today and all I wanted to do was chillaxing with the other half and watch a creepy movie. :) I still need to look for ideas on what to do for "circle time" with the kids and check out the cheap catalog printing at that we may use later on for one of our school projects. But I'm not going to think about those yet. And again... Thank goodness it is still Saturday. :)

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