Friday, March 29, 2013

Online shopping

In Balaton and it has been raining since last night. Just like most European countries, the weather we are having right now is crazy. It's Spring yet it feels like Winter still especially after the heavy snow fall 2-3 days ago.

So here I am, doing some blogging and doing some online shopping. As I'm mentioned many times in my previous posts, other than clothes and shoes, I do my shopping mostly online. I can say I'm quite addicted to it. I buy books online for myself and BZ, I buy Korean cosmetics directly from Korean sellers cause right now I'm in love with Korean products, I buy cigars online as present for friends and relative who smokes, and so on.

We came over to Balaton to feel little change of environment. But due to the bad weather, we have to stay indoors. If not for online shopping I'd be very disappointed. :) But thanks to this little hobby of mine at least I can occupy myself well. :)

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