Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Korean beauty products

I'm quite addicted to Korean beauty products. I'm using from face wash to makeup finish that I ordered from Korea. Some times when I do a haul, the postman will have to send a small parcel every other day for a month. (I think the guy must be real mad cause sometimes he'd leave collection slips with huge letters scribbled all over it as if written in anger. :P Sorry Mr. Postman).  Even Mr. H, when he saw me looking at some products on makeuplaza he was worried that I might order one - just looking I told him. LOL

I'm just at the phase of obsession. When I'm over it I think I'll stop. But who knows when is that. Not that I can't just use what they sell here in local drugstores. I just feel like the asian products suite me more.  I know I won't look like those Korean drama actresses, but my skin don't break out and the dryness is almost gone. That means something doesn't it??

I just love Korean beauty products!


MiLd said...

:D Apa kabar?

Anonymous said...

Salams. do u mind sharing what korean beauty products you use to help ease out dry skin? and which online website u purchase them from? i might wanna try too cause i hv dry skin.


Sultana said...

Hi Dian,

Ever since I started using the bb creams my skin dryness has improved a lot. I am alternately using missha m perfect cover an etude house BB cream.

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