Monday, April 15, 2013

Things these days

We've finally packed up and stored the winter jackets. It has been warm enough to just go about in sweaters and sometimes just cotton long sleeved t-shirt.

Ever since we came back to work after Easter break, there were many changes - we have more kids hence we now have more groups and more new teachers. It's tiring everyday but we are all happy. I feel quite settled now that I am thinking about going to a Hungarian language class (I'm a bit too lazy to learn by myself). One of my new colleagues is going for classes which I think is not too expensive. Only problem is that I can only go to evening classes which I'm not so keen about since the street we live on now is quite deserted at night. Every time I walk back home alone after 8pm I wished I had pepper spray. (Quite a lot of car breaking incidents on this street). But... if I can get them to agree to have a class on Saturday or Sunday that would work. I'm getting a few other colleagues to enroll too.

I speak to the kitchen staffs in Hungarian. Though they say I can speak Hungarian, but my Hungarian is still very poor and not enough for me to hold a proper conversation. Perhaps enough to talk to small Hungarian kids.

Anyway, I just love the warm weather.. makes me feel happy. :)

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