Sunday, June 09, 2013

Indonesian day

After spending the morning with a friend of mine, while Mr. H and BZ went for a hike with her classmates, they picked me up to visit my parents' in laws in the afternoon. We had lunch and left BZ there for the day.

After shopping - needed to check out new extension cable and some clamping handles - we drove to the venue of the 'Indonesian day' event. It was raining so heavily on our way there. There were even small flash floods in certain spots where the water was rushing down from the hills. I couldn't help but feeling nostalgic, remembering my KL days - heavy downpours and flash floods. Fortunately they had the event indoors. There were food stalls, stalls selling accessories, dry food stuff etc. There were poco poco dancing as well. :D We had some fried 'kuey teow' and satay there and bought some back home as well. Bought some dried food and simple accessories for Bonnie and myself. Stayed a bit longer to watch the performance and went back home. It was a little adventure of the day.

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