Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New toy

Just an early birthday gift for myself - kindle fire HD. After Mr.H got himself an Ipad I was tempted to get a mini Ipad myself. But when I saw the price I just couldn't justify buying it. When I saw that Amazon finally going to sell the kindle fires to more countries, I went and pre-ordered one.

 I had to wait about a couple of weeks till it got released and delivered. So I had ample time to get a purple case ready for it when it came. It is a nice device for one who just needs an ereader with great screen colours. But it is more than an ereader. It is as good as an Ipad but with limited customization features and selection of apps without the google play store. But that doesn't bother me as I don't really need that many apps. My main use for it is emailing, facebook, journal, pdf reading, browsing and the ocassional games and videos.

Great to know that I may not need to carry my laptop if we go off for a week somewhere.

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