Saturday, July 06, 2013


The idea was that I take alternate weeks off in July. One week off, one week work and so on, for a month. And those weeks we'd spend out of Budapest. But there was a change of plan in the last minute so I was required to work the whole month straight. But I took the 2 weeks off nevertheless on the last month of July and decided to use those 2 weeks for Hungarian classes.

We had the 'End of the year' celebration at the school last week. So we had quite a busy week with the preparations. Practice for the shows, plans for the refreshments, the equipments, and the graduation gifts. Since the school had extended to two buildings, we have quite many students. So more work in the preparations compared to when we only had 30 kids. :) Balloons, flowers, wholesale labels that we need to stick on the gifts for the children and parents, etc. Glad that is was over and quite successfully.

Now I've another week to go till I start the Hungarian classes. I'm feeling quite excited. :)

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