Thursday, August 01, 2013

Balaton weekend

We were in Balaton for a short weekend break. I took a day off from class. BZ was there at a summer art camp so we went to spend a little time and later take her back with us.

I took my camera along with me only to find out that I forgot to charge it and the batter was flat out and I didn't bring the charger. Yippie.... But oh well, so no pictures, but it was memorable. We were at BalatonFured. Quite a pretty part of Balaton. Many Summer activities like live band music everyday in the open, carnivals, street performance by the Tagore promenade.

BZ was quite busy the past week at the camp. :) She enjoyed it she said. At the end of the week they invited the parents to see a small exhibition of arts completed by the children - foil sculpture, origami, painting, 3d art etc. It was great.  So we had a pile of things to bring home at the end of the day. :D From both the art camps she went to, I like the t-shirt painting. It is something that I suggested over at a staff meeting for the team building meetup we planned. I even started of searching some local printers online to print out the outline of tshirt design and we all could sit down and do some textile painting. It was fun for the kids, I'm quite sure it would be great for us grownups too. :)

Other than the mini art exhibition we also went to another art exhibition on Sunday. My fil joined in with a group of artists and contributed a few of his artwork for it. So we went to support. It was only about 30 minutes away from BalatonFured.That was the last activity before we packed up and came back to BP.

It was a short break, but it was great nevertheless.

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