Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Days until...

I am so looking forward to the holidays. Mainly because of the long break. Which means I don't have to walk to BZ's school to pick her up (since she will be on a long holiday herself too). I know.. I may sound ungrateful to the fact that her school is only 10-15 minutes walk away. But the idea of walking in the snow or ice isn't that awesome. Snow I don't mind, but the ice....hmmm, that's another story. :( snow, then rain, and freezing temperature is recipe to a painful backside. Those who slipped on ice before would definitely know what I mean. We live uphill so the chance to slip on ice while walking downhill is pretty high.

 Anyway... as I was saying. I am looking forward to the break. We have about 3 more weeks to go. Yay! We have the secret santa game going on at the workplace. I haven't got anything for the colleague I've picked yet, though the party is about 2 weeks away - that's when we are supposed to give the present. It's a headache choosing a gift for someone you live with for years, what's more choosing a gift for someone whom you only see at the workplace and don't even work directly together?? I've started looking around for some ideas - from Toshiba PA3819U-1BRS Laptop Battery to Victorinox swiss army knife. Haven't a clue yet though about what is the best and practical gift. I've one more weekend left for gift searching and hopefully I'd be able to get over it a.s.a.p. and focus on planning about what I can do on the long break. :)

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