Thursday, November 28, 2013


BZ is going to Shaolin Kungfu classes now. We just enrolled her two weeks ago. It started with a cultural event a few weeks back. An Asian cultural event where they introduced Asian arts - from Kungfu to Malaysian dance. Yes, I went to see the Malaysian dance, Mr. H went to watch his old kungfu teacher perform. BZ saw and was impressed and said she is interested to join. Plus it is rather close by to us. So that is how she finally got enrolled.

First day, we got to see her participate in the exercises. She cried cause it was tough. LOL Well, if I had to do 60 - 70 over push ups, I'd cry too. The kids ranging from 5 to 16 are not supposed to talk or make too much of noise during the exercises. If they are a bit noisy, the entire group has to pay the price with 15 push ups. So by the 5th punishment she started to feel the pain. The other kids already knew how to cheat, they didn't even do the pushups seriously. The teacher didn't even bother to check. But since BZ is a newcomer she is following the rules. :) Poor her. Second class, she did much better. She didn't cry and seemed to enjoy the exercises more.

I think  it would be good for her. All of the kids seemed pretty strong emotionally and physically. Got kicks and knocks from the teacher but still could laugh.

Just amazing though. Her father went to the same kungfu school a few years back long before she was born. Now 15 years later his daughter joined. :) Who would have thought that. I hope she will continue to enjoy it though and benefit from it.

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