Wednesday, December 25, 2013


BZ is at grandma's. She hasn't been with her for weeks. We were there for Christmas dinner and after a long night last night we decided to just send BZ to be with her grandma and get some rest for a couple of days - BZ still has Kungfu class to attend day after tomorrow.

Last night's Christmas celebration with the in laws was quite a success. :) I think everyone was happy with what they've got for Christmas. I asked for a guitar book but I got a Classical guitar instead from Mr. H. :)  LOL I have no idea why I got the classical guitar when I have the acoustic. But one thing I can say is that it is way easier to play the classical. Easier as in not too hard on my fingers. I have a feeling that he bought it cause he can play on it too. :) Cheeky...

We've a few days of relaxation till life goes back to the same mundane cycle. Looking forward to enjoying every moment of it.

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