Sunday, December 08, 2013

Short weekend

The weather today, I must admit, was awesome. At 6 degrees celcius, I'm already thanking God for the warmth. :)

Too bad though that it was such a short weekend as people had to work last Saturday as an exchange for a coming holiday.

Sent BZ to join her classmates to watch a theater performance. While  they were there we did a little shopping - bought a black dress for staff Christmas party. 1 1/2 hour later picked her up then went to grandma to have lunch. Then left her there to do a little bit grocery shopping.Finally got to buy a gift for my colleague. Hope he will like it. :) Went back to in laws' place to pick BZ up.  Hence our short day ended.
Our comfort s the knowledge that we only have 10 more working days to go. :))

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