Sunday, June 29, 2014

Family camp

We spent 2 days and 2 nights at Zirc, Hungary.  A little town about 1 1/2 hours drive from Budapest. I took half day off on Friday, so we could pick BZ up from Balaton. She was there with grandma for 3 days already.

We were supposed to meet up with a few families who could make it early at the Veszprém zoo, but we were late. So we skipped it.

We stayed at a small motel chosen by the teacher who organized it. Pretty basic - we brought our own soap and towels.

Saturday was a long day. We started with a visit to an old Catholic church or monastery. The guide had the most monotonous voice I've heard in my life - it sounded like a white noise. Since I didn't understand him much anyway, I just walked around, fearing that I might fall asleep listening to him.
Second on the program was a long hike at Bakonybél. We drove in a convoy. Just because the first driver made a mistake, it took as half an hour to get there instead of just 15 minutes. After the 5 hour hike, our next stop was the planetarium. Love, love the visit. Don't mind going again.End of day one.

Day 2 started with the visit to the natural history museum. After the planetarium, this was my second favourite place there.

Then it was another nature walk at the botanical garden. The church,museum and the gardens are all next to each other, and about 10 minutes walking distance from our motel. It was pretty convenient.


And during our stay... lots of pics of ouselves too. 

We sent Bz back to grandma before we drove back to Budapest.  Another 3 more weeks to go for me till my break. Feels like it can't come soon enough. 

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