Saturday, June 21, 2014

From goodness to weirdness of the day.

Yesterday was the graduation party at the kindy. We worked hard to get the children to perform at a grandscale level - all groups performed Peter pan. We did ok. But the best of all during a graduation party is the international portluck dishes that the parents contributed. I had ruined my diet with macaroons and yummy sushi. The day ended well, next may be a slightly easier week as many of the kids started leaving for vacation.

After the party, I headed straight back home and got ready for babysitting. It was from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Babysitting was uneventful. Everything was okay. But something creepy happened on the way back. As I was walking back home, there was a car that drove pass me. A white opel wagon. The driver saw me from the main road, and I already felt strange. You know, the gut feeling that something wrong is about to happen. Turned around at the round about, and reversed back into my street where I was walking uphill.  I braced myself in case he was going to stop next to me. I was ready to run. But he didn't. He drove on and stopped about 10 meters from where I was walking. The driver, a tall bald headed guy got out of the car. My heart was beating hard already at this time. He looked at me, walked over to the passenger side. As he opened the door and I was a little closer, I saw there was a woman who was naked from waist down on that side. She was crouching on the seat and I saw her naked backside. The guy quickly unzipped his pants and was about to do "something" when I just dashed off. Not wanting to wait and see what they were up to. I was scared. I was about 60-70 meters away from my gate and the hill was steep as hell and I was scared stiff thinking they would get in the car again and chase. I stopped by a building by the bend of my street, about 20 meters away from the car as I know there is a security guard in there. I couldn't see the car but I could hear car doors slammed shut. I was waiting whether to keep running or wait and see if he followed. If he followed I would knock on the building door where the guard was. One minute, still no sign of the car. I decided to run for it. That was the time I felt 40-50 meters was like a kilometer and the hill extremely steep. My heart felt like exploding in my chest. I tried to call Mr. H as I was running, but he muted his phone. Wtf???!! 

It was surreal, weird, creepy and now when I think of all the other terrible possibilities... scary as hell. They were just mere perverts trying to exhibit, but what if they just dragged me in the car and have "fun" elsewhere? It was the 'what ifs' that makes me cringe. Good God, never again. If I have to go up that secluded street after 9pm, I will call a taxi. Or call mr. H. I made him promise to not to mute his phone again and wait till I get back home.

Well, that was my adventures of the day. But I am glad and thankful that I got out of it unscathed physically. Though emotionally, I have to admit I am a little shaken.

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