Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jászberény trip.

We had a trip with BZ's classmates and the parents last month - on the the 24th of May - to Jászberény. A little city about an hours drive away from Budapest.

We gathered at a bus stop near BZ's school and waited for the chartered buses to come. Initially, we were told, there would be 2 buses. However, there was only one bus that arrived and fortunately, it was enough.

An old bus, maybe from the nineties. :)For an hour's trip, it was comfortable enough. The first stop was the Jászberény museum. It exhibits all the relics from the city's ancient residents, who were nomadic. From the traditional clothes displayed, perhaps from Asia.

 I don't know what this is, most probably an agreement of some sort made by important people of the city. I took the picture just because the handwriting is amazingly beautiful. 

 Here is the 'Horn of Lehel' a symbol of the Jászág people. 

And here Mr. H being silly. :D

Next stop was the zoo. We spent a few hours there, walking around, stopping to eat, and continue to walk around. :) 

Unfortunately for Mr. H, who is allergic to cotton wood, the place was infested by these white fluffy things. Good thing he brought his mask with him.

But then again, he became 'another' zoo attraction with the mask on. Every child (and adult)  that passed would stare. LOL Poor guy.

BZ was away with a group of friends and a few other parents so we could sit down and not go about when we didn't feel like it. The zoo is relatively smaller than the one in Budapest, and have quite similar animals, but they do have a few types of animals that they don't keep at the Budapest zoo, like hyenas, racoons, ant eaters, and a few other animals that I don't think I've seen at the Budapest zoo.


 We started at 8 am and the day ended by 6 pm. It was a long day for everyone. But everybody was happy.

The next school family trip is on the 27th of this month. One of the places on the itinerary is the Veszprém zoo, which is 1 1/2 hours drive from Budapest. Yes another zoo. :) But we don't mind, because we love zoos.

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