Monday, June 02, 2014

Counting the days

I haven't come on here for a long while now. As usual, family, work and social life.  Ups and downs at the workplace and so on. But I am still going strong.
Looking forward to summer break. Booked a hotel Sopron, so most probably we will be driving up to Vienna and Bratislava from there. It's exciting. :) Hope that Mr.H won't get allergies and we will have to stay in the hotel all day and worse stay home. :S
Till then there is still 6 more weeks of work left. Summer hasn't come full blown yet as it is pretty chilly outside still - 14°c . But public school goes on holiday starting next Friday. Lucky kids. We'll be off on a "családi tábor" or family camp with BZ's classmates and their families, which I reluctantly agreed to go to. ( I wanted to stay at home) Then she will be off on another summer camp - which is basically like daycare with programs lined up for them everyday.
So basically that is the plan for the summer. I'm counting down the days.....

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