Monday, July 14, 2014

Cat cafe

A mom once mentioned to me about a cat cafe here in Budapest,  and ever since then I wanted to take BZ there. Despite the fact that I am actually afraid of them. Just like hamsters, I like them but just too afraid to do much other than stroke their fur a little.

Anyway,  we went to one today.  There are two actually but chose the one down Damjanich street as it got better reviews about the cats.

They have 3 cats at moment - the youngest one a 3 month old Bengal called Imhotep, a 6 months old Maine coon called sushi and a British shorthair, Luna. Every time they come near,  I'd break in sweat. But I did manage to stroke them and play lasers with them. BZ loved them and didn't want to leave. We stayed there for about 2 hours - played and chatted with the owners - before we left for grocery shopping.

I was afraid but I enjoyed it. The cats were cute and funny. And I love seeing how Bz enjoyed it a lot.

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