Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Picture is a view from our inn..We arrived in Sopron yesterday afternoon. We were in another hotel when we first arrived but it was disappointing. The room  was warm and cramped and the bathroom stank that we had to leave the light on so the ventilator would operate to lessen the smell . For the money we paid, they couldn't even give soap???  So I called up the agent  and told them what happened. So we cut the stay short there and checked out today morning. We could change room right?? But no thanks. If they  can't be bothered to provide soap when we asked about it, they don't deserve our hard earned cash.

We booked another place after we cancelled the hotel . A studio apartment this time. It  is waaay cheaper (half the price of the hotel) and yet waaay more comfortable. Bigger room, air conditioned, new, cleaner and soap!!! Not that I am so particular about soap, but I thought it is basic.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Vienna if God willing. One reason why we wanted to check out Sopron because it is close to both Vienna and Bratislava.

Can't say I'm not excited. :)

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