Friday, July 04, 2014


Two more weeks to go and at least about 2 more field trips to think of for the kids.

We went to a nearby playground today as 1. we were missing two teachers today who are on leave for different reasons 2. it is warm and our kids are a little young for trips that are too far away.

The last trip we went to was the zoo and it was too much for both the kids and the teachers. It seemed like everyone chose that day to go to the zoo. Such was our luck. We were too busy making sure that the kids were contained than enjoy the visit. Anyhow today's short trip was good. Weather was warm yet not too hot. So the kids enjoyed it thoroughly.

Tomorrow, BZ will be back from Balaton. But she will be off to an arts & crafts camp for a week again. Well, what can we do? Both of us are working and grandma needs a rest. It is week after the next when Mr. H could take a week off and be with her at home. I will have a turn to have her for a week too and I need to create a program for both of us on that week. Short trips, and visits.  :)

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