Friday, August 22, 2014

Life during the break

I feel like it was yesterday when we went of on our vacation. :( Sure went by rather quick. 2 more days, and it is back to work. Preparing for the children this September. Another school year... what would it bring? :) I always hope and expect good things. :)

So what have I been doing these past few weeks? We went off to Balaton again for the weekend, and I spent a few days with BZ. We went to the movies - ended up being only the two of us only in the room, we went to an indoor park and spent a few hours there, and we went babysitting together too since some people asked for a last minute appointment or plan.

BZ enjoyed her break too I suppose. We've called up a piano teacher - Finally!! - and set up and appointment to meet and see if she likes the teacher and we will proceed from there. Well she's been going to singing and music theory classes and been practicing - the basics - on the piano by herself. I hope once she really starts, it will turn out to be a great hobby for her to do during her free time.

 I've yet to upload some pictures from our visit to the Family park in Austria and a few places during our outings. A bit busy too right now to be honest, need to prepare for lesson plans.

That is it for now. :) Till next time... toodles!!

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