Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chugga choo choo

We went to the 'Children railway' for the first time even though I've been wanting to do so for years. :) Why is it a children's railway? It's small, and the conductors and greeters are children. About 12 or 13 I suppose.

I thought it was just for kids, but you can go on it anytime you want to go from one destination to another as you would with any public transportation.

Just a one coach train, but it has 2 compartments (if that is what they call it). It's small but I think one compartment would be able to fit more that 30 people. The ride from the first station to the last took about 30 minutes. It was 30 minutes of beautiful forest view.

The stations are not crowded this time of the year even though it is the perfect time to go on a train ride and looking at the autumn scenery. :) No pictures from the scenery though. Since the train was wobbling too much, I couldn't get a clear picture with my phone's camera....darn it. :)

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