Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still here.

I'm off work today and tomorrow.So I was looking at the musician friend doublecut 2015 gibson and bookdepository for new books when I just thought why don't I just update my neglected blog?? :) It has been a while indeed since my last post. So many things had happened of course. So many changes. Bad times, good times. Just need to summarize all that had happened in one post! :)

 Well, muffin died. :'( Because we didn't know that he was sick and 2 vets told us the same that prey animals like rabbits don't show symptoms until it is too late. But then we got another one called Kiki. Same colour, same type. Not muffin of course but he is as sweet. :) We had to go through difficult times with him as well, and was even hospitalized for a few days since he wasn't eating. But now he is a 4 month old big bunny. Now that the weather is warmer, BZ takes him out for walks even on a leash. Lop eared bunnies are like a cross between a dog and a cat really. :D

 My Hungarian class ends today. I did a written test day before yesterday and today is the oral exam. For me oral ones are usually more nerve wrecking. :) But I think I will be fine. :) One sentence at a time. That's my motto. Only thing I hope I remember that when I sit in front of the teachers. It was a good experience all together. Gained new friends, went to the theater last weekend with them, and today I'm going to make some finger food for the farewell party. Looking forward to the next level.

 Another new thing is that I got a new job. And I'll be starting in March.Since next week is the skibreak, tomorrow is my last day of work. I'm off just because I'm using up my days off. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. Downside about office work is that I won't be having too many breaks and I'll miss all the cuteness, while the upside is that I am not responsible for the little children and here only for myself and other adults. Well that is it for now. See ya on the next post!

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