Sunday, February 14, 2016


I started Vlogging or video logging a few years ago. Since then I've done it a handful of times. All of them private ones.  Recently I started doing them again almost everyday on my phone. I do it so that I can see how others see me talking. :) One of my colleagues once said that I made this weird movements with  my head. LOL I know he was pulling my legs, but in any case... 

There are times when I wonder whether I should start posting them here on my blog. Though I ask myself why. Is it to get an audience who are willing to follow my life? Not that I have such an incredibly interesting life, but perhaps that would provide the boost of confidence I need. Not seeking popularity, just the courage to speak up or to show something to the the world. As it is having a personal blog is one step closer. But videos is a step further I believe.

So to vlog publicly or not to vlog publicly... that is the question. :) I will mull the thought over and perhaps I will find the answer soon. If you stumbled upon my blog randomly and would like to find out if I ever made that decision to vlog publicly, feel free to come and check in again. 

Till then... thank you for reading!

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