Thursday, June 02, 2016


I've been pondering on the idea of being a minimalist. Getting rid of unnecessary junk and clutter. Simplifying my life.
I started to pack and store away, getting rid of things and stop buying things I can live without.
I suppose it is a journey. It's not too easy to throw everything. Getting rid of the attachment. One of those things is the attachment to my gadgets. My phone and tablets. I hate the feeling of enslavement. I hate that I don't want to be attached to it but I am. Last thing I interact with at night and first thing I pick up to check messages etc in the mornings. Hate it... but when I'm thinking about changing back to the basic phone,  I feel what if I need the apps like whatsapp and viber? Or maps? These are all useful. But I feel enslaved by the need to have all this.
I concluded from this, perhaps I don't need to get rid of it totally. Just need a phone curfew.
Yes, I really want to simplify my life. Going back to when I need the basics and it should be enough.

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