Sunday, June 05, 2016

Overwhelming junk

When one starts on a journey of getting rid of things that one does not need, it always seem overwhelming. At least that is in my case. Clothes, bags, books... geez... when did I started to accumulate all these? Many I haven't used for years. I saw how my daughter loves to collect and keep little things - scraps of scribbled on papers, wrappings. I can imagine that we think we keep memories in little things. But in the end they just bog us down. And we hang on to them for the "what if we need it" or the "just in case" moments. My husband picked up a cylinder case of some huge incenses that I received one X'mas. The content long ago used up but the box was in the closet for years. When I finally let go and chuck it in the recycle bin. He picked it up and suggested that it would be good for BZ to keep her drawings in. I said it was never thought about for years we'll be fine without it. Thank goodness he agreed.

Old bill pay invoices that long fading, old expired chocolates that my daughter kept as decorations, all down in the bin. I felt much better looking at somewhat empty spaces. I feel like a burden has been lifted off. :)

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