Sunday, September 25, 2016

A change once more

It has been almost a year since I started working with my current company. Early this year, sometime in February I guess, I had a talk with both my supervisor and the HR manager about moving to a new department. At that time there was an opening in Finance. But somehow they gave me all sorts of excuses. But I managed to get them to promise for a new position end of the year. A couple of months later a salary raise. So not too bad.

However, after a couple of months from the first talk, again I asked to speak to the HR manager regarding a move as there is another position opening that I feel I'm interested to fill. That request too was rejected.

The third time I went to speak to the HR manager, I was at the end of my ropes due to some issues, and I told him either give me a confirmation that I can apply and move to a new department or else. And I was informed by him that there is an opening for sales assistant and he will help speak to the department manager. The next day I was called for an interview - they had 2-3 interviews that day.  For me it wasn't an interview even, it was more like an open discussion. I just had to say yes and my predecessor had to give the okay and I got the job.

So now I have to work to get a new replacement for my position and started the work hand over. As of today I have about 2 weeks to learn. As most of the team members said that it was good that they took me in as they didn't have to waste time teaching a new person the company's IT platforms as I am quite familiar. I still have to learn, but it is not foreign to me.

Today, after coming home from grocery shopping, I started to do some homework on how to create weekly reports through excels. Thank goodness you can find just about anything on google from guitar center locations california, to excel tutorials. :) Tomorrow, I will go to the first team building with the team which is out of BP. And we have to stay over a night there.

So this is another change in my life. It feels strange, and my work will be totally different again. But I need to get out of my comfort zone if I want to do well. I am indeed grateful.

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