Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One of those times...

It has been one of those times when life has been pretty busy and stressful. It is 7:19 pm right now but I'm supposed to still be working. However, decided to watch some 'mukbang' videos (eating shows) on youtube and looking at cello for sale at musiciansfriend.com just to distract my mind from thinking about work. It's one of the worst times. To do the impossible at work.

 Anyway, I've been away from my blog for months now. Not that I forgotten about it, but referring to the above, I was pretty bogged down with work. It's is interesting how hard you work, but because of other peoples; stupid planning you would have to suffer. That's the luck of being what my friend would call 'the bottom feeders'. It's hard to keep being positive and motivated. Especially you see little results or things go pretty slowly.

Just blowing some steam they say. Which is healthy to do once in a while. :) I will be updating again soon in a way better circumstance.

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