Monday, April 10, 2017

My long distant run

Last weekend was one for the Vivicitta 2017 half marathon run.  This has been 2 years in a row when the company sponsored for the people who wanted to do the marathon. So anyone from the company would be able to join all paid by the company.
A year or so ago Bonnie wanted to join a marathon but I didn't want to do it. I don't remember what marathon that was. This year since I have told myself to try to get out of my comfort zone once in a while, so I applied for both myself and Bonnie when the opportunity arrived. We took the 10 KM run. I found out later that they had the 5 KM on Saturday. However, we only got two choices. Either 21km or 10km.
Yesterday, though we came a bit late and missed the photo session, we came in good time before the run started. There were phases. There was a period when I felt like quitting and and for 15-20 mins straight I was doing a small jog consistently. I walked a lot though.. :D In the end, we managed to get to the end in good time. Well, better than when I was jogging with friends. I never expected 7 mins average per km. When running on my own min 8-10 mins per hour. We did good I believe and proud of ourselves.

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