Sunday, April 09, 2017

Split between being a minimalist or a hoarder (ehem... collector)

I used to collect pez dispensers. But thinking about how much money I spent buying those plastic stuffs and not to mention the space taken up I decided to stop and had to talk myself into not buying at times. I really don't need clutter. But I do not deny that collecting is fun. I know someone who collect thimbles although she doesn't sew. And one is a guitar pick collector. He at least plays the guitar. By the way if you are looking for  cool guitar picks check it out at GuitarCenter.

I am currently fighting off the urge to not order from Aliexpress a diy dollhouse. I saw a collegue posted a picture of a diy dollhouse that she got for Xmas. Of coursed I asked her where she got it, she said someone bought them from China. And of course the first thing that came to mind was aliexpress and ebay... 😆

I am confused. To buy or not to buy? That is the question indeed. They say life is too short so do and get what makes you happy. Though I'm gutted. I had a collection of half a dozens of tiny tin homes that I had to pack and store away. The things about this tiny thing, in numbers they do take space and takes all the time to clean. And I'm not that hardworking when it comes to cleaning up. 😁 oh goodness... how can one can not just buy? I think I will follow the advice of a master minimalist. I will sleep on it for a week or two. And if the urge is still there I'd buy one. If not, I simply forget about it.

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